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Incorporated in 1995, our primary objective is to research, document and share historical information that reflects African American participation not only in respective Bucks County communities, but also internationally.

The society’s initial research was of a home for orphan children of black Civil War soldiers. The structure was known as Whitehall. This research followed the lives of some of the residents as far as their graduations from Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute, now known as Hampton University.

Other research subjects included noting the existence of “safe houses” as part of the “Underground Railroad”, land and business ownership, cultural and religious contributions, academic achievements, and military service and sacrifice to name a few.

In 1998, the society proceeded to lead a movement to erect a monument which could reflect these achievements. Harriet Ross Tubman was chosen to depict the courage, innovation and persistence implied in may of these pursuits. She, in addition to being a conductor on the Underground Railroad, labored as a nurse, spy and soldier in the Civil War, was part of the women’s suffrage movement, and eventually created a home for the indigent in Auburn, New York.

Our board is comprised of passionate historians and members of the Bristol community. They work to promote our rich African American history. We meet monthly to discuss our plans for the organization and events on the horizon. We are actively accepting applications for new members – Join AAHCSBC

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